'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Another new tie today---vintage, delivered today from the coworker who got a bunch from former coworker squirrelykat. It's silky smooth and smells of perfume. As I wrote to the guys, if I'd been in some noir, Marlowe mighta been casting aspersions on the likelihood that I wasn't into women.

Here's a gorgeous tie model:

It's late now and I don't know what I might say, in the round-up of thoughts I like to pair with the ties, if only to make sure I write something in among the postcards at least once a week.

Started gathering trivia question options for the next round of trivia I'm hosting for the coworkers.  Might well be the last Zoom one.  Want to include a few visuals too, since one can, easily enough, and doing so breaks up the monotony of read words.

3 Zoom meetings tomorrow.  But then none Thursday, I think.

The virus is starting to diminish a bit hereabouts.  Still a "very high risk", down from "extremely".  And hospitalizations have finally started to come down.
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