'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

yet another decision!

I finally pulled the trigger and put a deposit on some new windows, getting that ball rolling.  The "measure man" comes out next week, and then the windows get ordered, and then when they come in I get a call to get on the installation schedule.  But I just got a call back from the window sales guy saying that I actually have 2 options for the "prairie" style grids (a.k.a. grilles, munions, sashes, glazing bars)--- top & bottom OR top only.

At first I was like, hey, yeah, top only!  I think I like that better.  But then I made up this comparison pair of images for myself, from a internet picture of a similar window situation, and now I'm thinking maybe both after all.  They're the same danged price!


Decisions like I've been working on can sap me, and the decision to add the prairie grid has been a fun part, making it feel like I'm getting a little aesthetic thing for my pleasure to go with the business-like adult-ery of, you know, buying freaking windows.

Maybe I'll go stand in the nursery and regard them from inside.  Put masking tape up on the old windows to simulate.  Nah I won't go that far, but ...  Is it possible I used up my decision-making reserve for the day already?  That's not good, if so.   I have a lot of work decisions to make this afternoon and evening.

I suppose when you open the bottom windows a bit, the look while they're open would be cleaner if the bottom windows were sans their own grilles.  But having all 4 the same has better symmetry.

Nobody's gonna see these freaking windows from the street.  Makes it funny that I'm getting a small additional discount for letting them put a sign in my yard.  Like, do you really want passers-by thinking you installed the way-old windows that are visible to them?

Ah well.  Here's a pat on my back from me for getting this far.


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