'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Go ahead and steal my TV series idea. I just want it to be made.

Netflix sent me another "You may like this series" thing with the teaser portion of the email in my inbox showing that it's about a group of misfit something-or-anothers.  Leaving aside that if they're in a group they at least fit within the group of the misfitting, and therefore are also fitting something-or-anothers, how about a refreshing series about the not-misfits, who are nonetheless not the "in" crowd either?  I guess there was a little of that in Freaks & Geeks, in the friend group the one girl leaves for the freaks, but I only remember one friend of hers, and that they were on the math team.  (Time for a re-watch of that series, I reckon.  It blew my mind when the Seth Rogan character had an intersex girlfriend, and, like, stuck with her when he found out, like yeah that's a little odd he supposed but he liked her.)  (She did play the tuba, so points for that.)

The teen angst element that could drive tension and provide something for character to push against would be the mediocrity of it all.  Dissatisfaction.  Not fitting with the in crowd OR the misfits.

Well, *I*'d want to see it.

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