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Bow Tie Tuesday

Another new one today.  :)  And here

I look happy.  I guess I was/am kinda happy. 

The weather's nicer.  Already chilly now, when I'm finally about to go out for a walk, after a long day of work, and with more I need to do tonight--- no lesson plan in place for first copy editing session, tomorrow, for new hire.

I'm glad I went to in-person chorus last night.  I even got an illicit/daring hug afterwards.  It felt really good.  I've had 2 of those during the pandemic.  Imagine getting more!  Last night's hugger was another lover of hugs.  Not saying anything against hugs from the less huggy, or the hug ambivalent, but there's really something about a hug connoisseur.  A nice firm hug but not over-the-top strong--- that's the worst, when someone hurts you and kinda maybe scares you--- not even so much because it can seem performative and therefore vaguely bogus but because it evinces a lack of considering & imagining the other person's experience, or okay maybe someone doing that might be imagining that's what someone else would like but it's so missing out of the glory of a good hug that you (I) could cry for the poor sucker that they don't know the joy that you know.

You think I'm writing a lot about hugs there, but I could write a WHOLE LOT MORE.

Or do a whole seduction-level poem about the delicious finer points of a perfect hug.

In a perfect hug, neither person lets go first.  How that can happen is unfathomable, on a basic logical level, and therefore magic.  And that is but one part of the magic of the magic.

Even standing around after the rehearsal in the parking lot, people not wanting to leave--- that was sweet too.

It made me realize I was in no hurry to get home, so I tried going to the drive-through of the Ypsi Popeye's to get one of those amazeballs chicken sandwiches.  I was in the line for half an hour, playing games on my phone, only to be informed, upon arriving at the speaker, that they had no chicken sandwiches, only "bone-in" chicken.

That was disappointing not only because of the lack of the amazeball chicken sandwich but because of the reminder of the dead poultry aspect in the whole enterprise.  Yes, I am one of those carnivores who wouldn't eat meat if I had to kill it and prefer a sanitized quasi-ignorance by way of packaging and/or others preparing the food.  I'm not proud of it.  It's just how it is.  I'm low-hanging fruit for a vegetarianism proselytizer, and can be fine with being vegetarian at home with a vegetarian partner.  It's better for the planet and I'm a hypocrite.  Yet I remain a meat eater.

There goes Bert, gettin' the mail.  But there was no mail in his box.  Does this mean the mail hasn't come?  I bet it does not mean that.  But it may mean that.  If I have no mail in my mailbox, it's more likely to mean that.  I've been sitting here quite a while, though, and didn't see the mail truck.  Saw the neighborhood toddler, and saw my next-doors, going out for & returning from a walk.  Yeah, I need to get my literal ass off of this chair and move around!

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