'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

New tie today.  No matter how you orient it, some of the symbols are upside-down.  The special thing about this one is that it has a 
matching mask:

I didn't get out yesterday at all, after a number of days of some good traipse-abouts.  But today I did, again.  Just pushing through knee pain.  I really don't like pain.  Pain influences mental health conditions in bad ways.

Lots of work stuff to do.  Could work many many many hours on it; trying to be reasonable with myself and let some of it wait.  Next week is the start of the new person.  Training personnel may change again; don't know the timing yet of some serious things to be taken care of.  Much more serious than whether the trainee is jumped in smoothly and with a pleasing panache.

Some little part of it will have panache, at least.  Or, really, more than one, likely.  It's already arranged that  we're going to give her one of the last two pandemic-morale-treat hoodies; the size is a tad big for her, but she called it "oversized in a very comfy, hoodie-perfect way".  And she did get to choose from 2 colors.

Daylight savings has begun.  It's just getting dark now, a little past 8.  On the other side of this time zone, it got dark a fair bit ago.

Tried on one of my few K95 masks today, as I'm thinking of it as one layer of my masking for the big clinic crowd.  The ear parts are really tight.  Tried stretching it a little.  Might doctor them.  Don't need my ears to be hurting along with me knees, or a headache added to the anxiety and excitement.  It *is* exciting.  I'm looking forward to being around people doing a hope thing.

Think I'll take an evening shower again today.  I'm starting to get into the evening shower.  Are you a morning showerer, always?  Longer ones on weekends, maybe?

The new hire is a morning person.  That's okay.  I can speak morning person.  Enough to translate between us, anyhow.  :)
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