'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

the never-ending saga

It's me, the floor refinishing machine, taking a break to appear as a copyeditor at work.

Most of the delays in the work this week have been related to prep. taking longer than we'd figured (all that shoe molding to remove, fer instance) and to my getting sick, though the occasional squabble between floor re-doers contributed, too. {I told H. yesterday that my back and legs and arms and hands seem to do better when we interrupt our work with some dyke drama now and then; I can't say for certain they didn't send little messages to my psyche to stir up trouble or be very sensitive so's they'd get a chance to rest for a bit.}

Poor H., who can put aside her studies (and is going to pass off some union work this week), is at the house right now for another long day. At the end of the day yesterday we had the old finish removed from everywhere except the coat closet and the edges of the study and living room. After that's done, still to go are:

1 -- a second sanding of everything with a medium grit paper
2 -- a third sanding of everything with a fine sandpaper
3 -- returning drum and edge sanders to rental place
4 -- thorough dust removal [probably sweep, vacuum, and Swiffer (thanks, Ericka) with tack cloth and wipe off walls/counters/etc.]
5 -- application of first coat of polyurethane
6 -- waiting for that to dry
7 -- renting buffing machine
8 -- buffing of first coat of finish and cleaning up of buffed residue
9 -- application of second coat of polyurethane
10 -- waiting for that to dry
11 -- buffing of that coat and cleaning up of buffed residue
12 -- application of last coat of polyurethane
13 -- waiting for that to dry thoroughly (7 days) before bringing in rugs/furniture

Catch is, steps 2, 4 and 5 should happen on the same day (as sanding raises the grain of the wood, and so slapping that finish on a.s.a.p. after the last sanding can help you get a nice smooth floor), and if step 3 doesn't happen by 5:00 tomorrow we have to pay more for the machines. (We got a deal on both for a week @ $250, but it's something like $60/day for the pair.)

The fun news is that dear old pals L. and L.A. are coming to town next weekend. They actually want to help with the floors. They like to show up at traumatic/turbulent times and pitch in---you know, and bond. Here's hoping we'll be to the "add a layer of finish and then go out for a long, leisurely meal" stage by the time they arrive.
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