'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

The Nitrate Picture Show just called itself off, again.

2nd year I'm transferring my booking to the following June.  All to knock that one thing off my bucket list.

I confess I was feeling a little iffy about going to all those indoor films, despite the possibility of having been vaccinated by then myself.  I mean, I may only be starting to engage in the world again at that point.  Might be back at the office; might not.

Happily, the cool room I got for the '21 fest---cooler than the one I had for the '20 fest---was available for the '22 dates, and I've got it booked now.  It's in a converted school building.  Starting to feel like a real fantasy.

I saw a guy from the next block down out tonight, walking his dog, who was not named after the prince, and is in fact older than the prince.  Was telling the guy how I had somebody out today to look at the siding on the back of the house.  Told him several steps of what I imagine would be entailed in making a usable back yard for a dog, and he said it sounds like I have a plan.  Isn't it funny, I thought, as I clomped up the stoop after we parted, that I think of it as a fantasy, not a plan?  What it is about elaborate or extensive and (especially) expensive plans (that require help from others) that makes it seem so outside the "plan" territory?  Do I have a hard time letting myself make plans?  I believe I do.  This is interesting stuff.  (To me.)

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