'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

I'm so behind with so much.

It's been another couple of whirlwind work days, leaving me sort of stunned at the end of them, and happy to put the computer aside in the evening.  But I had another weekend day this past weekend of being unable to motivate myself to do a ding danged thang.

There's snow out there.  The sun's set on it now, and I've not set foot outside, and I don't feel like sweeping the stoop on this cold night to go get the mail.  Hope it won't freeze into a hard-to-chip-away surface.  But if it does, it does.

I made a grocery store trip, and am well-stocked in many things.  Need to freeze some of the bread variations.  Got another jug of ice melt stuff, so I can retrieve that from the back end of the Jeep if I need it for that front stoop.

The pandemic has me pretty worn down.  Flurries of work busy-ness are good that way, at least.  A temporary distraction.  Seems like I have a smaller percentage of just-feeling-ordinary days/times/hours lately, vs. the doom-tinged socked-in spirit-sunk kind.  With a major exception for that day last week of light-hearted images of Bernie & his mittens.

(My fave.)

So here's today's tie:

This is a tie I seemed to be unable to get to knot up in the middle good, last week, but today, no prob. Go figure.

It did take me a few tries to get a decent shot of me in it to share with the work folks, but then I snapped  this pretty good one:

 It's that dark blue wall it's against, I think.  And somehow I have a bit of a smile in my eyes.  Also I finally found a spot I wasn't getting a lot of light reflected in my glasses.  These last two sets of lenses I got are supposed to have that anti-glare/-reflection coating, but it's not real effective, if it's really even on there.

Now I gotta see if I have it in my to put together a nice supper for myself.  Earlier I used toppings from a premade salad whose lettuce I didn't notice had started to brown, combined with other lettuce that I bought, and some broccoli.  Nice save, thought I.

I really oughta work more, to make my day tomorrow easier, but, like, eff that.

Also I am behind again on the friends feed here.  Not that we hold each other to big expectations that way any more, to the extent that folks used to.  Still.  I do wonder what's been going on with you all.
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