I'm 1C

Trying out the new-ish lj app here. It's got a neuvo kinda feel.

I'm 1C in the vaccination designations. Having such a categorization gives it a wartime feel. Like how the incredible Mr. Limpet was 4-f, however it was stylized.

Work is a bit of a pain right now. It's not been good for my desired practice of being less judgey. Multiple frustrations and a (justifiable) lack of trust and being treated dismissively when trying to point out what end up being legitimate concerns--- that kind of thing. It's obviously not life-or-death stuff. Somehow it's more challenging lately to be calm. Have equanimity.

If we ever get back to working at the office, I believe I'll benefit a lot from days of interactions with my fellows within our department. My immediate colleagues, if you will, don't feel like the central presence of my work placeness.

Okay lemme post and see how the app does.


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