'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

First work Tuesday of the year.  It had me tied in knot.

I'd been kinda dreading returning to the work routine, but it was fine yesterday. Maybe there was something about having too much email to get through in a day that made me just start chippin' away, working cheerfully at the job.

It's good to work cheerfully at one's job.

Had some wild dreams this morning.  Major plot cycles.  I was trying to get away with opportunist theft in a library I found myself in after closing.  Also I tried to get my soon-to-be-ex- to try again with me, after realizing she was home and in bed when I got home with a few friends, and snuck away from them to make an appeal to her.  When she went for it (I'd get one more chance) I realized she was about to find out, in the seaside town we were suddenly in, how I'd bamboozled everyone there some time ago and been busted for it; that didn't seem to bode well for our making up.

Pretty sure at least some of this drama is due to my having watched I Love You Again, a Wm Powell & Myrna Loy unusual variation on the movie amnesia trope. Either way, it was fun. I like when sleep is entertaining that way, and the constant peril in the experience this time wasn't especially disturbing.
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