'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

strange day

I slept hard, having caved to eat a painkiller in the wee hours.  So I slept in good, with the whole physiog relaxed fully flat, like it never is on its own anymore.  Then somehow when I got up I got stuck playing a game on my phone for hours.  Just opened it on a whim, to see what it was like.  A cube doubling game.  The catch was that I kept not "dying".  I kept staying alive, and cube doubling.  Paused to feed the cats and have some coffee but ended up stopping, finally, when it was going to be getting dark soon, I deleted the damn app, put on my rubber boots, and went out to get the mail.  Then I made brunchinner.

Oh, but I also paused in the game to put away socks and underwear, so's to empty the laundry basket so's to (when I finally dumped the game) take it down to have ready in case the clothes in the dryer were dry, from last night, which they weren't.  And, while rearranging some socks for a more current and winter-oriented layout, up against the side of the sock drawer I found a sheet of paper folded in 4.  'Twas an old poem of mine, shown below in a photo, as I'm trying not to fire up the computer attached to the scanner this week.

I know I've edited it since this first version, as I remember dealing with a few prosaic bits I don't like.  But this version's fine for taking me back, and reminding me what it felt like to be with that girl on that day.

Tags: poetry
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