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It's that time again: Best Wrong Answers

I'm sharing with you friends my favorites in the running for Best Wrong Answer in this past season of LearnedLeague.  Ken Jennings didn't play this season, and that seemed to me a tip-off that he might be taking over Jeopardy!, and yes he is, interimly, but I guess he also has another show coming.  Anyway, the league is still invitation-only but has announced that it'll have a cap, and so there may be a waiting list for people we jump in.  Probably will be, soon.  I guess it's just gotten really big.  A lot to manage.

First I'll give you my runners-up, and then the three I'm voting for.


Name the heavy metal band, which formed in 1994 as "Burn the Priest", whose current name comes from the section within the Ordinary of the Roman Catholic Mass known as Agnus Dei?  APPLY UNGUENT TO THE PRIEST

The cuneiform system of writing, and by some historians, modern human civilization itself, is credited to what people, who lived in southern Mesopotamia in the 4th and 3rd millennia BCE, in city-states such as Ur, Eridu, and Uruk?  FLINTSTONES

The oldest surviving of a certain type of hole still in use in the United States is widely believed to be in the West Virginia town of White Sulphur Springs, and dates from 1884. What type of hole is it?  HEADPHONE JACK

Roughly equivalent to "congressional districts" in the United States, what is the standard term used in the United Kingdom for the 650 electoral areas through which members of the House of Commons (MPs) are elected?  CUMBERBATCHES

Of the Spanish islands known as the Balearic Islands, the largest in area is Mallorca, and the second-largest is Menorca. What island is third?  WAIT THERES MORE CA

A famous short story from 1922 by Katherine Mansfield centers around what type of "Party", and the protagonist Laura Sheridan's desire to cancel the party due to the death of a neighborhood workman (which leads her to ponder the meaning of life and death)?  GENDER REVEAL AND START A WILDFIRE PARTY

First appearing in 1905, reaching their heyday at the turn of the decade, and largely supplanted by the teens, the first theaters in the United States to exhibit films exclusively were known by what name (derived in part by the standard price of admission)?  20TH CENT-URY FOX

What is the term used for the kind of company that designs and distributes typefaces? The word, which describes such companies as Hoefler & Co., Font Bureau, and Colophon, is a legacy from pre-desktop publishing days, when such companies manufactured metal and wood typefaces for printing presses.  THERES A NEW SERIF IN TOWN

My votes:

Aa and pahoehoe are different types of what substance?  SCRABBLE VOWEL DUMPAGE

What is the name of Malaysia's national oil and gas company, whose headquarters are located on Jalan Ampang within the Kuala Lumpur City Centre?  FOUR SEASONS TOTAL OIL AND GAS

Twenty20 is the name of a novel format that was developed in 2003, and since then has become by some measures the most popular format, for what sport?  COMPETITIVE HINDSIGHT

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