'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

forgot it was Bow Tie Tuesday

I forgot, that is, until seeing some emails now, late in the day.  I'd gone to the office parking lot to drop off food drive contributions and pick up "morale" items, and then went and got dinner, skipping the pharmacy errand when the drive-through lane had a big back-up.  It ain't urgent, so why sit there.

Lorrel is going to be bringing me some Blank Slate ice cream in a bit.  It's not even 30 degrees out (F) and it's ice cream time.  I've not been in much touch with her during this pandemic biz, but she remains familiar.  And, on that topic, when I was at MR two others came by, and there was Larry, too, coming out with the goodies, and it was so exciting, in a fully dumb way, to be in such a crowd of familiars.  Lauren was masked, but had her distinctive glasses above, and I'd just seen Beth in Zoom a coupla hours before, but, I dunno.  It was nice.

Yesterday I woke up sneezing.  The cold I thought I had last week for two days before it went away--- was it maybe not a cold, but allergies?  Multiple people are reporting allergy issues.  Maybe I'll call Bert.  He seems to get allergies when they're amped up.  It's like I can smell everything acutely.  Like I'm getting extra smell capacity, what with all those people being low on it, like it had to go somewhere.  Amazon delivered the wrong "flavor" of my expensive bath gel--- I use only a little at a time, and this'll be only the second one I've bought since a gifted one that somehow still has me associating it, in the shower, with that love, despite it having first come into my life with old love Denise, who frequented department store fragrance-type sections.  But this other smell, not the Original Green Spring Or Something Like That, smells terrible.  I feel like I can still smell it from opening the box this afternoon.  Like the other thing in the box, a bottle of fish oil, is going to taste like that over-the-top toxic floral-ishness.  Oy!  Fake flower smell is one of my least favorite smells.

Everything's nose tingles & histiminery.

Wonder how the Salty Caramel Coffee ice cream will smell.

When she comes, I'll bring in the trash cans.  I was supposed to bring them in yesterday, but no one's come to arrest me yet.  Will get the mail too.

Did I mention I'm sending holiday cards this year?  By remote control (Touchnote)?  Gotta get some more of those going in the next day or two, I guess.

Sorry about the no-bow-tie.  All y'all who were dyin' to see a bow tie.
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