'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I have a cold.

It sure seems like a cold.  Lots of sneezing and watery eyes and head congestion so far.  Some aches.  Not much of a fever, if any.

The sneezes are comforting.  They suggest it's not COVID, since sneezes aren't typical in the onset of that condition.  Nonetheless, I just ordered a thermometer and an oxygen measurer thingie.  Just in case I'll need to monitor myself soon.

So I was wondering if the common cold is easier to catch than COVID, and, yes, it sorta is.  It's also airborne, but when it comes to rhinoviruses there are a buncha such microbes that are hardier, more contagious, and much more numerous than the replications of COVID out there.  So far!

Still, I've barely been anywhere near people, and usually it's outside, while I'm masked and 10 feet or more away.  Of course I did go to the store last week.  And picked up take-out on the way home, albeit brought out to my vehicle.  And I've been all hand-washy and everything.

So the factoids about rhinoviruses are good to read.  My eyeballs only hurt a little.  I've been zincing up.  And I cancelled some check-ins with dept members this afternoon, and didn't do much work at all.  Only the especially pressing stuff.

Achoo to you.

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