'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Picking out an icon for that last post, I remembered my dream last night.

In it I had gone to visit Lula at the place she lives now, a family with 2 kids and an asshole father.  I knew I needed to get her away from there.  Only the kids were around; I hugged Lula and said how much I missed her.  The kids seemed to sense that I was thinking of trying to get her back, in that they replied with assertions of how much they love her.  But then they put her in the fat-mailbox-shaped crate on their front stoop, where apparently she stayed, and went walking down the road.  I took her out right away, and took her for a walk, and realized she was very thirsty.  As I started to think about repossessing her and how to get away with it, I decided that if that meant I had to move so they couldn't find her to try to steal her back, then I'd just have to move, even though that would be a royal pain.  Because of course she (and knowing she was taken care of) was worth all the pains in all the asses.

Her nose felt very soft and silky.  I wondered whether, after this more than year gap, she'd remember all the tricks we had, for going down steps and things like that.  I also couldn't understand why I'd ever have given her up to begin with.  What had I been thinking?

It took a little bit when I woke up to realize that not only hadn't I given her up to that family, but I'd not given her up at all.  Cuz she died.

Beth is maybe going to have a dog soon, and I'm a tad emotionally invested in that.  So maybe the dream's connected to that.  And maybe it's connected to I should have a dog again.

Oddly, though, while I'm working from home seems to be a bad time to bring a dog on, given that the creature would get used to me being around all the time, only to have me then be gone for long chunks, when we go back to work.

OTOH, I might die before then, which would mean I was considering something a problem that wasn't going to be a problem at all.

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