'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Here 'tis, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  Time for a tie.  My googie one, with a few strands of my still-wet hair from when I took the shot in the late morning:

I'm having a hard time getting into the work spirit so far this week.  There's a fair amount to get after, but I can feel myself dragging my feet.  Did just have a nice long work session, finally, but it ended up involving a lot of chasing after requested corrections, and not doing much for my more looming to-dos. Also I stayed put in the chair for an awful long time.  Ended up ordering a pizza, the first time I've gotten one from Jet's.  It was undercooked.  Hoping the leftovers will be better, cuz I can toaster-oven 'em for a while.  It was also messy to eat.  That's unpleasant.  The discrete rectangles I was expecting were not what I ended up trying to pick up and eat.  Also their "regular" amount of cheese, if this particular pizza was any indication, is what I'd call way "extra".  Hey, you know that thing where people start new paragraphs all the time?  Like, every sentence?  This is the opposite of that.  This is a catch-all paragraph.

Alright, here's a second one.  I'm chilly.  Just queued up the Noir Alley movie I didn't watch this weekend cuz I was too busy watching either Noir City movies or antidotes to so much darkness.  Last night I saw the finale of this season of Fargo, and boy is there a great surprise at the end.  Once the credits have already started!  It's a sweet reward.  Made me glad I'd gone back and watched the other seasons recently.  Geez, I've got the heat up, but it's chilly for sure.  Gotta get this fleece throw over me now.  Have some games on my phone to visit, too.  Feet up.  All that getting dressed today, and I barely left the house.  Mostly to sweep the steps for the pizza delivery person.  Shoes and a bra and a bow tie and here I am, in my inverted box shelter, as gravity holds me to the orb, and I need more and more protection from what's out there in the wild.  Briefly today I tried to describe the PBS Alaska guy with the cabin, who is named Dick Proenneke, and how this is not at all like that---for instance cuz he sure never got a pizza delivered, undercooked or not---yet, as winter sets in, it feels a little bit like that.  Like a dose of the heavy subtext of it is heavy subtext to this.  And by that subtext I mean not what's ostensibly being shown, which is how this solitary fellow makes his cabin and tends to his daily needs through the winter, but what isn't addressed directly in that show, as I recall: how he is choosing to be so alone, and why.  Yikes but enough of that now.  Under the cover, under the roof.  Feet up.  Old movie.

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