'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

I've got my poppin' Indian silk sorta-plaid one on today.

Went ahead and wrote the office tie gang, tho at least one is off this week, and another (our founder) rarely shares a tie any more.  But we faithfully copy him, and sometimes he appears.  One fella did reply like "oh I can't believe I forgot I'll run up and put one on now" and then sent a nice autumnal color ensemble a little later.  The shot I sent them is

So it's Thanksgiving week, and, I gotta say, I like holidays a lot more now that I'm working from home.  They feel less lonesome.  They're like other days but with less work obligation.  Like bonus weekend days, but without a few regular weekend day obligations (e.g., home meeting, litter-box-trash-recycling, and now payroll approval).

OTOH, my personal e-mail, lookit me hyphenating it like an old lady, I like less, now that I'm working from home.  Funny how my internet habits have changed, too.  I used to look at the Google news round-up most days, for inst, and now I very rarely do.

I think there might be some sleet in that cold rain, outside the windows, in the dreariness that is this gray late afternoon.

Eddie Muller's doing a wrap-up of Noir City on YouTube this evening.  I'll "attend", even though I'm far from wrapped up on watching the films.  Turns out we have until the 29th to finish watching them.  That reminds me, maybe I'll write that nice person in Silver Spring about getting access to Black Gravel, despite setting it aside for longer than the 48 hours one has once popping one open.  It just started so gruesomely.  But people are saying it's all that and a swath of beautiful darkness, human-relations-wise.

Tomorrow night I may be Zoom sharing a screening of Leave Her to Heaven with one of more of some people I've been euchring with online.  One expressed some interest, and suggested the idea.  That choice of film has the advantage of it not being subtitled, and the gorgeousness of Technicolor™, plus, as a kind of combo of a "women's picture" and a (color) noir, with a manipulator at the center, maybe it'll appeal to our shared interest in psychology and trying to break the habit of bamboozlement.

Happy Thanksgiving BTT to you.
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