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belated Bow Tie Tuesday

Geez, it's almost the end of Thursday.

It's not like I've been keeping up with the Noir City films.  I did finish Any Number Can Win, which was really good, but then I got stuck at the beginning of Black Gravel, cuz it was so horrid an opening.  May give it one more go.

Here's my tie from the other day:

And then
me in it: 

We've suddenly got a coupla warm-ish days here at the end of the week.  This afternoon I zipped over to Buhr to walk a bit, and came upon a raggedy ol' soccer ball.  Red, white, and peeling.  Kicked it around the school, sidewalk and parking lot, a little.  Had to strategize since I couldn't much run to catch it when it got t' rollin' and picking up speed.

Later, after a Zoom meeting to show my new #2 a coupla spreadsheets and a Distributor, I noticed a lovely quality of light out the window.  Oh, and I had windows open, which feels SO good this time of year.  So I went out there and beheld various sky colors, and the little quarter moon, on the rise.  Pinks and then oranges, with the blues and the whites and the grays.  It was quite somethin'.

Mavis the toddler appeared as I was just about in front of her place.  With her dad and her little walkin' bike.  She sorta knows me now, but only sorta.  I only very sorta know her, but I like her a lot.

The days do seem to go quickly now.  Particularly when I sleep in a little, as I did today.  But then the evenings are long, and I do like when the sun's gone down.

Here's what I see outside right now, only a little fuzzier, where the lights of the houses are.

With my dirty glasses and slightly out of focus, they look a little like they're a row of tiny cabins.  Like a motor court--- one of my early favorite postcard subjects.  The forerunners of motels.

Happy Thursday with Leftover Bow Ties.
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