'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's gonna be hard to catch up on these movies. But I'm gonna do it. Just not tonight.

Busy day today.  Just got out of custom drag queen bingo with some chorusmates, after hearing a couple of late auditions before that.  I was 3 minutes late to the auditions because, in a rush to fill my water bottle in the dark, I knocked a glass off the kitchen counter, and had to hustle the cats into the bedroom so I could clean up the little bits before they got in their little paw pads.  Kissy kissy paw pad sound.

Before that, after tai chi and two Zoom meetings, including a first with my new assistant manager, with a bunch of spreadsheet merge-y-purge-y futzing in the interstitials, I was just getting ready to walk down the block and back when Dave texted, asking if I'd been on facebook today.  Turns out my brother & sister-in-law got the COVID.  So I called my brother as I went down the street.  They've been symptomatic about a week and are doing okay; fevers not high, have had flus that were more severe than what they've experienced so far.  Of course I'm crossing my fingers it stays that way.  Being a full week in without a down turn seems promising.  My brother also has type O blood, which supposedly has benefits in fighting the bug, correlationally.  Or maybe it was in fending it off to begin with.  I dunno.  It's something to hang onto.  I'm not in regular contact with my brother, but I prefer to think he's doing back there.  He said they've been pretty isolated but reckons maybe he picked it up at work.  He can work from home, so I'm disappointed to hear they've been having them work at work.  Here's a place/way I'm probably advantaged to be working with/for the not-for-profit mathy academics vs the profity chicken people.

Gotta say, I've been half-assuming that COVID would probably kill me.  Just seems like it would.  I dunno.  I feel in such bad shape any more.  Rationally I know that a lot of that feeling is from unrelated stuff, most notably my knee problems, so I know I have at least somewhat "off" thinking that way.  Still.  I suppose if my brother weathers it well, I could have that as something else to hang onto.

Isn't it sorta nuts how we've been dealing with that virus for so long and it's only now time to really get to hunkerin' down and gearing up to hang in there through the worst of it?

The other day I went to pick up Chinese take-out, thinking maybe I was earlier than the dinner rush, just a little after 5, but no.  The rush was on.  There were a bunch of Door Dash workers and then other people in there, waiting for their orders, and the place was running about 15 to 20 minutes behind what the internet said.  It was nerve-wracking.  At one point some dude came in without a mask and went into a little room at the side, stopping on the way to exchange a few sentences with one of the owners/workers.

I don't how folks do it in places without mask rules.  A former lj-er I still read elsewhere lives in Florida and, sure nuff, has to go in stores with unmasked people.  It's clear that large swaths of the population are actively anti-mask.  Sometimes I think I'm being overly cautious, cuz I do have that in me (for sure), but then wise people suggest to me that I'm not.  That's it's good self-care.  And, hell, I've come this far being careful.

In my zip code we're at about 4% of the population having tested positive for the virus.  That's pretty high, within this county, but not rear as high as the zip code for the university.  Last time I looked they were pushing 8%.  But of course they have a lot of folks tested who aren't symptomatic but needed to test to meet some condition for something.  Some of our 4% could be students too, as most off-campus undergrad housing is also in this zip code.

I suppose there's not really any point in keeping track of such numbers.  But I look, sometimes.

Tonight maybe I'll not watch any of the festival films.  Tomorrow maybe I'll go for a double feature.  I think I can do that.  Now, some kind of late supper.

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