'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Sadly, I'm a bit out of focus myself, and didn't notice that my picture of today's tie is too.  And I've already taken it off.  So my Day of the Dead tie is maybe not at its best this year:

Can you even see the skulls?  Or the one on the left side, anyhow?

Sadly, I'm behind on the ol' friends page again.  Feels like I'm a bad lj citizen.  But I'm still providing "content", as we so boringly call it.

Evals are over at work.  Next up is some hiring, first from within.  Today's mission: to come up with questions to ask candidates for my old job.  Same questions for all the candidates.

It's cold AND rainy.  I did open the window for the cats for a little.  And went out in the drizzle to fill the bird feeder, cuz some little fella was on the bottom rung poking around for a snack, and I felt bad for, er, them.  It?  Its finchiness?

Okay, so long as I'm out of focus, and can thus easily slip into seeing magic eye action, here's a seasonal one for y'all.  I promise I'll catch up on friends' posts soon.  Click on it for bigger in a new tab!

Tags: btt
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