'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

So busy.  Working way too many hours.  This new job is really making me look forward to down time.

Here's today's tie.  By the time I took it, I'd let a cat nap on my chest, as you can perhaps discern.

It's owls cuz it felt like the dead of night, getting dressed over an hour before I'd usually be getting up.  I'd had to have it on and be awake enough to talk about work to some VIPs on Zoom at what felt like a very early hour to me.

I've got baseball on, to chill out now, finally. Rooting Rays over Astros.  The Rays dispatched the Yankees, which is one reason to like them. I'd been hoping the Oaklands would beat the Astros, cuz I like Dusty Baker but they were big ol' cheaters last year.  I'd been kinda rooting Padres over Dodgers, and didn't get that either.  It's more fun when you're pulling for a team.

Factors I also take into account:  underdogism, including budgetary; uniforms I like; lotsa young players, singles-hitters, base stealers, "small ball" guys/aesthetic; positive associations with the team's city; general American League preference, unless Yankees.  Having a player or two I like especially, such as for being quirky in an appealing way, is sometimes enough right there.

I got a little progress on the kitchen painting this past (long) weekend.  For the smaller half (third, maybe?), I took off cabinet doors up top, plus one below, and removed the hinges from each, with good labeling; edge-taped in most places it was needed; painted the cabinets without doors and one side of the counter and a little door frame; cleaned up.  Minimized ladder use by using a pole with a small roller screwed on, after using it with a disposable foam brush taped to it.  Oh, and took care to cat-proof (and lock cats in another area) as needed.  It doesn't look like much so far, but that much did take a lot out of me.  My stamina is fer shit these days.  Physically.  But Zoom stamina, too.
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