'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Day-late Bow Tie Tuesday post

Here's the tie I wore yesterday:

the shot of more of me in it:

Do I look any more managerial than I used to?  If so, is that cuz the boss can decide whether she wants to comb her hair or not?  Cuz I had plenty of unkempt days before.

I'm into a stretch with the new job that feels like I could sink underwater any time.  Gotta keep plugging.  Way too much time is gobbled up by meetings.  I did successfully ask that some training that I'm to undertake not start until I've gotten through a bunch of immediate-future priorities.

I'll be doing a little more work tonight, while trying to avoid watching Kamala Harris debate Prig Pence.  I did get out for a little walking, partly in fear of big groups of unmasked humans, swirling amongst each other.  And just a bit ago I put on the upliftingly silly Plan 9 From Outer Space.  I'd seen Ed Wood, but never his masterpiece.

My good kitties are good kitties.
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