'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

And I was going to watch junk TV

A second post from the app, to edit to spiffierness later, as I didn't end up watching baseball tonight, or (yet) people saying nothing but with extra ritual about Trump at Walter Reed. What's I watched, offa the DVR, was Antonia's Line.

I know it was the film from falling in love with Holly, on accounta it's mentioned in the self-indulgent song I wrote about that. Have I perhaps seen it once since then? I think maybe do, but not for years.

At the opening tonight I almost set it aside, not up for seriousness. But quickly it was delightful. Lovely little moments. Great characters, and faces,and a comfortingly forthright narration, and the humanity I hadn't forgotten. Like it really could get a capital H. It's the little delights of its storytelling, tho. A whole saga, like a sweet story told over an evening.

Now I'm a whole lot older, tho, see. It's extra sweet.

It was also sweet how one cat crawled up on me, then the other joined him, then the first headed over to the couch to give the other his turn to stretch out.

All in all, a fine evening.


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