'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

The virus showed me some nice woods today.

First time using updated LJ app. Hmmm. So far so good.

Heading out for a leg-stretcher/constitutional this afternoon, I picked the park that's named after the dead woman squirrelykat knew (wonder if that coding'll work) (we'll see) [ETA: it didn't] but there were a couple of unmasked people talking away within 5 feet of my door, in the only non-handicapped spot left, and they were going away. So I drove all the way around to Packard, where the entrance through the woods is. But a hundred yards or so in, I came to some people up to *some* sketchy biz alongside the path that I didn't want to get anywhere near, so I backed out.

And then I came to the park across from the road sorta near Tm Ha's place, and drove behind it, thinking I might not get much of a walk, but I could cross the little bridge and maybe sit at a picnic table. But, sure nuff, there in the little lot was an unmasked family with multiple dawdling toddlers. (Ooh, good band name.) (To dawdle goes back to 1775, at least.) But there was a little bench on the far side of the little-kid-sized baseball field, near the tree line, so I made my way toward it.

Not until I was nearly upon it did I see a little gap in the woods, with an inviting path. And a squirrel had claimed the bench, so it didn't seem fair to un-seat the critter. So I headed down to the path.

It's a nice dirt path, solid from recent rains but not muddy today. It runs along the other side of the crick that runs behind the woo-woo medicine place in the old Victorian house that squirrelykat, and half the town, watched being relocated from across town, one cool-sounding day when the houses drove down Washtenaw.

A lot of what I know from A2 before me j know from stories from squirrelykat.

Anyway, that's it! Now to see if this posts.


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