'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Here's a Tuesday again.  This is the tie a coworker picked out of a pile I brought in for her to choose from, one day many months ago when she wanted to participate.  I think it was the only one in the pile she liked.

And here's 
today's pic for the guys: 
 So far none of them has sent one back.  Maybe I'll be the only participant today.

I look at it and think how I'll have new glasses---and old glasses---soon.  8-D  (That's an emoticon, not an abbr. for 8-dimensional.)

Got the paperwork for my promotion.  They're making the raise retroactive to the beginning of last week.  That's nice.  That'll mean a little bit of more money than I was expecting, by virtue of the more money starting sooner.  There's a whole lot of stuff to take care of in the next several weeks at work; maybe it'll settle down into some kind of routine after that.  Another time I can imagine being glad of routine.

Look what's maybe going to be in my mailbox even today:

Yes, Barack and Michelle, I have a voting plan, so you can stop interrupting my dumb phone games to ask!
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