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In Which I Share More "Best Wrong Answer" Candidates from LearnedLeague

LearnedLeague has gotten so popular that there's going to be a cap on the number of players, and then a waiting list for new folks.  The referrals-only thing only goes so far.

Anyway, here are my favorites in the contest for Best Wrong Answer, with the three I'm voting for at the end. Also-rans 

A golden, gem-encrusted statue made by the Knights of Rhodes as a gift for Holy Roman Emperor Charles V is a fictional film noir MacGuffin known by what name? EGG MACGUFFIN

A squidger, a mat, and a pot are among the equipment used in what game, which traditionally begins with a "squidge-off" and in which "squopping" is common? COMPETITIVE IPHONE SCREEN REPAIR

Arms, legs, ears, eyes, and (finally) teeth are points of conversation in what story first recorded by Charles Perrault in 1697? THE E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY: MR. POTATO HEAD

A Scottish term for a small drink (and a unit of measure equal to a fraction of an ounce) forms part of the name of a liqueur that is made from Scotch whisky, heather honey, herbs, and spices, and is 40% alcohol by volume. What is the name of that liqueur? DRAMBROSIA

Provide the mineral that completes this descending list: diamond, corundum, topaz, quartz, orthoclase, apatite, fluorite, calcite, gypsum, ______. MEMORY FOAM

The melody of the American patriotic song "My Country, 'tis of Thee" is much better known in the United Kingdom by what other name? MY CRUMPETS, DIPPED IN TEA

My runners-up:

"A half-pound of fresh beef, American cheese, six pieces of crispy Applewood smoked bacon, ketchup, and mayo." This is the description used by Wendy's restaurant for a 920-calorie menu item with what trademarked name? DECADENCE OF LATE CAPITALISM BURGER

What is the term most often applied to a three-paneled carving or painting with the two outer panels (wings) hinged so that they can cover the center? Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights is an example. THE CENTER CANNOT FOLD

What term—from the French, and first applied in the following context by Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac—is used in science (and scientific experiments) for a process of volumetric analysis involving the addition of a quantity of one reagent into a known quantity of another reagent, often done slowly via a burette into an Erlenmeyer flask? CECI NEST PAS UNE PIPETTE

Molecules of C60 (carbon-60), which are composed of clusters of 60 carbon atoms bonded together in a polyhedral structure made of pentagons and hexagons, are playfully identified by what informal term (referencing the nickname of a famous futurist and inventor who died in 1983)? CUBE GOLDBERG

My winners:

Name the man who was elected in April 2020 to succeed Jeremy Corbyn as head of the United Kingdom's Labour Party. AETHELRED ST. BOTTOMS PUDDING-UPON-TRENT

A squidger, a mat, and a pot are among the equipment used in what game, which traditionally begins with a "squidge-off" and in which "squopping" is common? CEPHALOPOD SKIRMISH

In finance, an accounting measure sometimes used as an alternative to net income, to show a company's overall profitability, reports earnings before interest expenses, amortization, depreciation, and taxes are subtracted out. By what six-letter acronym is this measure most commonly known? BULSHT

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