'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

We live in interesting times. Here's a thought.

Maybe you've heard me referring earlier to this idea, from Happiness is a Warm Puppy:

And maybe you've heard me talking about that day in the early Spring here when it's finally nice enough to go out in a T-shirt and people are so relieved and happy at the change of seasons that they smile at and talk to each other on the street, and I think it should be a holiday, announced by, say, the Mayor, whenever that day comes along.

So I know we won't have a day when suddenly everyone's vaccinated, and not everyone is being avoidant of others or even masked, but there may come a day when each of us personally is freshly vaccinated, and it's had a chance to kick in, and it's the first day out walking around among others and not particularly cowed by the prospect of infecting others or getting infected.  And that'll be like an extra-good T-shirt Day, right?  ("Short Sleeves Day"?)

It's a thought that's not a dread-ful pessimistic gloomy thought.

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