'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Goofus-Boofus really likes a pipecleaner toy.

Some "summer camp" kids at the cat café made toy bags for adopters, with kid-handwriting thank you notes, and dang if my kitten doesn't think a few pipecleaners twisted into a spider are one of the best things.  It may help that I bring it out only for special occasions.  Initially I did that cuz he just kept going nuts with it, and it seemed like he needed a break, but there's an element of excitement for "It's that toy I love!" that's good to preserve, while you can.  I've got the same dealio going with Springy Spring.

There was a baseball player in my childhood named Amos Otis.  I liked the name.  (Plus he had muttonchops.)  When I called my dog Lula I thought it was maybe okay I was partly naming her after Lula da Silva cuz I didn't use his whole name.  But calling this guy Amos Otis Chompsky--- would that be being disrespectful to 2 people?  Is it an honor to have a pet named after you, or is it, under certain circumstances, not?  We're talkin' about an animal, and one I think condescending things like "goofus-boofus" at.

Amos Otis is still alive, but he doesn't have a twitter account.

If you say Amos Otis without a pause, it sounds like "Amusottus".  That sounds biblical.  Or "a musotus", which would be a thing with a Latin-y name.  But it isn't.  In Italy sometime between 1501 and 1700 (that's the best they can do??) a bronze medallion was struck to honor Ulysseo Musotus, who was a Musotus.

I read some place a long time ago, when I had my first cat, Chester K. Pester (Chet the Pet), that cats like names with "s"es in them.  Don't know whether there was a lick of science involved.  Or a bitey-bite, as the case may be.

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