'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Some of my postcards this week didn't post.

Guess I didn't follow through on the screens to be sure they made it; i did find the tab from yesterday's with a pouty face for an error, telling me the motorcycle gender-regular white advertising bodies hadn't actually registered.

So I put up 2 today, anyhow.

Big doings coming, and a lot to think about for me.  Some real down-side changes.  Yet it's also just yet another day in my own company.  This moment is okay.

The heat's broken.  Before long it'll be the unseasonably warm days I'm happy about.  Winter may be very hard.  Gonna get out again this afternoon, just to be in the open air.

There's such a horrid prospect being bandied about---and all too possible---of more and more Trump, perpetual-feeling Trump, and, regardless of whether he's ousted, all this welling up of the ugliest stuff in people who don't want to see perpetual uglinesses and wrongs for what they are.  And the cops.  The en-masse cops.  This moment, like all the moments of our national life, is not okay.

Today my older cat tried to show my younger cat how to muscle into the closet, where (among other things) there's some insulation debris (always falling down from above) that is to be avoided.  "He doesn't need to know about that!" I say harshly at Dudley Ginsberg Horkheimer, holding the kitten in one hand around the little corner while I try to get Dizz-Dud out of there and re-secure the sliding doors.

Not all controlling behavior is bad.

Yet it's about time to open up more for the kitten around here.

And before that, it's about time I ate something.  A little more kitty-cat hangin' first, tho.  I had coffee with milk in it.  That'll do for now.

"Amos Otis Chompsky"?


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