'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Postcard of the Day

Good old London’s in a maze
With its very latest craze,
And ev’ry day in crowds we fight and push
On a motor’bus to climb
Twenty-seven at a time,
Or take the good old tube to Shepherd’s Bush.
It’s an Exhibition rare
That is drawing thousands there,
Ev’ry nation joining in the grand display,
So to see it you contrive,
But, directly you arrive,
The girlie hanging on your arm will say:

Take me on the Flip Flap,
Do, dear, do!

It looks so lovely down below
So you pay your money and up you go.
And though a queer sensation,
You wish it would never stop,
But down you slide on the other side,
With a Flip flap flop.

From each far off foreign land
There are tokens rare and grand
In ev’ry nook and corner placed on view.
And, all scattered round the place,
Of the girls of ev’ry race
You’ll see some lovely exhibitions, too.
There are things you mustn’t touch,
Though you’d like to, very much,
But suppose a little French girl comes your way,
Though you try to parlez-vous,
She won’t parley long with you,
But with a saucy smile at one she’ll say:

Take me on the Flip Flap, &c.

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