'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

my county is ticking up

Depressing.  The % of the population having tested positive keeps going up.  Of course.  It's not gonna go down, obviously.

We had a bit of a "reopening" here, and I drove by folks eating at sidewalk tables on Main Street.  But I didn't do any of that stuff myself.  I did get a little bolder with the frequency of shopping late last month, having used these numbers to convince myself I was probably being more cautious than necessary.

Now it's back to strategizing around fresh foods and mixing in more of the not-fresh things.  Between that and the heat wave, lotsa days I don't even leave the house, or only for a late-night (and/or early-day) stroll and mail retrieval.

We're getting a little break from the high heat, tho.  I so oughta take advantage of it.

My mood is probably a bit glummer than it would be if I didn't have wrist pain going on.  Pain makes things harder, I must remind myself.  Something about the brain.

I did finish the skull bones, and will now be moving down the spine and into the rest of the axial skeleton.  That's the parts attached to the axis of the body, vs. the appendages.  Looks like this course doesn't actually involve memorizing the names of all the body parts, as I've understood you have to do if you're in med school--- even if I weren't just auditing it.  So far it's more like a thorough tour of anatomy.  But we'll see.

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