'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Today I had to talk to my therapist between sessions about a dream.

It was an unsubtle dream, but disturbing and confusing nonetheless.  I wanted to slough it off once I was awake and away from it, but I'm glad I womanned up and texted her.  "Personned up"?  Somethin'.  Funny how much worse my literary interpretation skills are w.r.t. my own dreams.

It's pretty warm today.  I'm a tad overdue for grocery shopping.  Maybe tomorrow.  Fresh things are not in great supply.  I have 3 mushrooms left and some kinda-beyond-their-time mini-carrots, and still onions.  I like to keep onions onhand, as you may have heard me say.  It's actually e-z coffee drink and yogurt that have me wanting to get to the store most, though.  Yeah, it'll be good to have salad fixin's, but I don't have a drive for them and would happily-enough continue with frozen things for a while longer.  And there's preservative-type bread.  Might like some eggs again....

During today's Zoom "Fiber Arts" session I (worked on mending---got three things done from that---and) asked the gang how often they're shopping.  One is once a month, others were once a week, and in once case the hubby, who's an essential worker, is twice a week, but he's already out there all the time anyway.  I found out that one of the mathematicians probably has antibodies, though, as her hubby had the actual McCoy.  She's going to send me a postcard, as if feels good to be able to send something out of their house, now that they're past disease time.

The Red Cross is touting finding out whether you have antibodies as a reason to give blood now.  You know, those antibodies, I mean.  I reckon we all have antibodies of some sorts.

There really is some evidence that being type O, blood-wise, correlates with a slightly stronger resistance to the now-not-so-novel coronavirus, even when other risk factors are counted out, or whatever that verb is.  Factored out?  I'm O negative, but still pretty high-risk of having a bad experience with the virus, demographically and such.

I dunno why, but today it doesn't seem so overwhelming, the prospect of so much of the next part (or rest) of life being like this.  Maybe just cuz I haven't been thinking about it as much, what with the dream and the editing and the Fiber Arts.  Not to jinx the rest of the day.  I am "going" to a Michigan Theater trivia thing for members tonight.  I became a member this year really mostly cuzza the (nearly half the membership cost--sized) discount on the pass for Cinetopia, which was then cancelled, so it's nice to get this invitation.

Did get some straightening and going-through done last night, in looking for the address I mentioned I'm looking for.  I'm still looking for it, but I have one more hunch spot to check.  And who knows, maybe I'll run across it.  Like I did the batteries that had been tormenting me.

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