'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

more reason to fantasize about NZ

New Zealanders "love downplaying something to make it irreverent," it sez at the end of this Guardian piece showcasing some insanely wonderful public service announcements shown there.  The porn one is great, but I think the bullying one is my fave.  The racism one's pretty fab too, tho--- amazing how well the extended bit works.  Love that the "ghost chips" became a thing, too.  And I needed that info to understand what the kid was saying to the ghost.

[ETA:  Here's the YouTube channel for the Keep It Real Online PSAs.]

Meanwhile, my Scottish friend on the pool-shooting app steered me to her TikTok.  She cracks me up, and I love her accent.

I figure I'll get to Scotland and New Zealand through either coming into a lot of money all at once, somehow, or somehow retiring there, if/when I'm ever at a point of having no living pets and some money to retire somewhere (maybe through the house continuing to be more expensive than regular people can afford, combined with some bad luck with pets, cuz I still intend to add to Dizzy Dud-Bud).  Perhaps a vacation to one or the other will be possible and not unreasonable.

My knee's again a smidge better today.  Still need the cane, but can walk just a tad more upright than yesterday, and it hurts less.  Will I have to go to New Zealand and Scotland in a wheelchair, or only in my dreams?  Stay tuned.

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