'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

We have kitty poop!

Chester, uh, "produced" last night. A very good sign. Vet thinks he looks pretty good and will have him in for a follow-up after his urinary tract infection medication ends---and then we'll decide if we need to have another look at his innerds to see if the possible gas bubble is gone.

In order to push fluids (and aid in the li'l guy's digestion) we've been "treat"ing the oogie-boogie; he's had baby food and sliced turkey (in bits) and chicken broth, plus distilled water (on vet's tip that some cats go for it, drinking more) (so far he's so-so on the H2O, but that could be cuzza all the treats that keep appearing next to the water bowl).

I guess with any pet, if you yourself live long enough, you have the inevitable loss looming, but I'm hoping Chet will be one of those housecats that make it to ripe old age in really good health. He's been pretty hardy these nigh-on 16 years. . .

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