'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Oh, I forgot to say---I did find those batteries yesterday, and the toy was a hit, on Day 1, anyway.

That subject line has the maximum number of characters lj allows in a subject line.

The cat toy is this, recommended somewhere:

It moves the toy around in random-seeming bursts.  Has two speeds besides "off".  If I use it sparingly, I think he's gonna be into it for a while.  It's good to have variety with this guy.

The other recent experimental purchase I got, I haven't tried out yet.  It's a magnetic closure for necklaces, so I won't have to fumble with the hooks for forever, with my very short nails and high level of frustration and low level of necklace donning experience, for my age.

I went with the 3-pack, thinking that'd be pretty good for starters, if it seems to work.  There are probably only 5 necklaces I wear with any frequency at all, not counting some long enough I can just put 'em over my head.  And 2 of those are bow tie cop-outs.

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