'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

song title meme

from psychesdesire:

Pick an artist, and complete this survey with only their song titles: JoJo

Are you male or female?: I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar
How old are you?: I'm Just Beginning to Live
Describe yourself: Roller Coaster By the Sea
How do some people feel about you?: I Can Hear Her Fighting With Herself
How do you feel about yourself?: Everyday Clothes
Describe your ex: She Cracked
Describe your views on your significant other or crush: Love Me Like I Love
Describe what you want: Satisfied Mind (resisting: Back in Your Life)
Describe how you live: I'm So Confused
Describe how you love: Party in the Woods Tonight
Share a few words of wisdom: Couples Must Fight, & You Must Ask the Heart

There aren't many artists by whom i know a ton of songs. pijeanf, if you do the Beatles, I'll do 'em after you. Or are you going to do NRBQ?

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