'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I'm behind on reading my friends page

I'll catch up this weekend, I hope.  Right now I'm going to watch the remote Ru Paul's Drag Race pre-finale reunion--- I just looked at the opening, and sure nuff it does the best job having fun with Zoom-style remoteness, taking off on the phenom many had noticed by calling the "gathered" remote queens the Shady Bunch.  I don't suppose they're going to talk about Sherry Pie, the truly shady one.  Or maybe they will?  I mean, if anyone would, it'd be the show with the queens, right?  Ru has smart, solid human sensibilities.  Major mensch, with queer on top.  Or, you know, not on top.  What's that expression--- fielder's choice?  Nah,.... chef's choice?  nope   not Sophie's, good lord, ....

This afternoon was my big trivia hour with the co-workers.  Well, big to me.  A passing bit of fun for a good number of them, I hope.  We were all being paid to be there, at least!  And that's in circumstances in which Admin couldn't shell out for prizes.  So I went on eBay and have this item (with a bakelite base) coming to me in late June, which'll be fine, since I may never actually go back to the office and see the people in person:

I named it the Venkatarayudu Cup, after the author of the first paper we ever reviewed (where "we" is the version of us before [I think] any of us were born).  Meanwhile the work pal who was helping me prep made a virtual loving cup image with our founder's face on it, so the winners, on team "Corona Hair", all got that image via email.  Our founder is Otto.  So the slogan of the Venkatarayudu Cup is "You Otto Know".   hahahahahaha

I like used trophies.  They're better than new trophies.  You usedta could find them in thrift stores.  Maybe still can.

But putting together the quiz questions was fun in that absorbing, lose-track-of-time way I get from only certain activities.  Sound editing, I remember, or film editing, and sometimes word editing and poetry rewriting.  Song writing and singing, sometimes.  Some other things.  That's supposed to be a more blissful way to be lost and forget oneself than, like, watching movies or sleeping.  I dunno, though.  I do dig the glory of losing oneself for a time, absorbed in a passion.  Maybe planning the trivia hour wasn't quite passion, but I was into it.  Just spending time thinking about entertaining those of the gang who turned out, and imagining amusing them a bit--- I did dig that.  Maybe we can do it again.

Guess I oughta go get the mail.  Stretch my legs a little.  The cat was asleep on me for a long while there, so I couldn't go anywhere.

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