'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

"Ganked" (I believe that's the Twilaism) from wednes:

You are .doc You change from year to year, just to make things tough on your competition.  Only your creator really has a handle on you.
Which File Extension are You?

Me like.

Back from lazy yet active Sat. with onstar and bigfinedaddy. Zonked here at midnight. And on a Saturday, too! Seems earlier, since the Red Sux v. Evils is going to go on until dawn at this rate. What is it, like 17 to 6 now? Sheesh. Poor hot Johnny. Down three games to none. Yeah, maybe you could say they're just setting it up to be a bigger comeback (uh. huh.), but I ain't even hoping any more. They win 3 in a row themselves, I'll start hoping again.

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