'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Seems I have a cold

The morning sneezy runny nose thing didn't go away as the day went on.

I got enough sleep, but was too sapped to take a walk, tho I got all dudded up and headed out to try. Ended up napping, and only got up cuz I had another Zoom meeting.

It may've just taken it out if me to go to the store---2 stores---yesterday, and that on too little sleep.

Watched parts of Drumline last night and today, offa TV, tho I have a DVD of it. The band parts are good. You know when that movie came out, 2002. You know how long ago that was? Almost 20 freakin years.

Sure hope the not-so-flu symptoms mean this is just a cold. The body aches and moderate weakness have been enough to make me check a symptoms chart.

It was hard, taking to the bed, to stop the self-recrimination.

Casablanca is on now. I'm letting it play.

Is it too much to hope I wake up tomorrow feeling better?


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