'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Why I Hate America, Pt. x, where x \in, uh, the countably infinite natural numbers (N?)

Before I could get an aspirin out of the new package last night, I had to

1. open the glued-shut box

2. take out the plastic bottle

3. remove the plastic "protective"1 wrap around the cap

4. do the childproof2 lining-up-arrow and popping lid opening

5. find a knife and pierce the "protective"3 foil seal

6. wedge my fingers in there and remove the little bits it breaks into, while
6a. steeling myself against potential personal phobic gross-out, cuz of which I was also
6b. trying to get all the little bits off of it while minimizing time spent on the job

7. reach fingertips into narrow opening and pull out protective4 cotton.

I won't even get into issues of wasted resources/work, trash, and culturally perpetuated paranoia.

1 Bullshit!
2 yeah, right
3 Bullshit!
4 protects the aspirin from damage, for without it the pills would rattle around quite a lot, cuz, even before you've removed a one, they fill at most a third of the volume of the bottle

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