'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

The toddler down the street.

Every day the toddler down the street is out practicing walking.  Righ tnow she's playing with the ribbon on the plant outside Bert's front door.  She has pink shoes on, so I can see her individual foot steps easily.

Both her folks are home with her these days.  Maybe they always are, I dunno.  I think one of them works for Toyota in some respect.  Can't remember what we talked about at the last neighborhood picnic.

Anyway, this virus time may be a very nice time for them.  Little one is out there a lot, too.  I wave when I drive by in the Jeep that currently has the purple polka dots on one side and the various-color flowers on the other.  I like to think I'm giving the little one the impression that cars may be interesting more often than is actually true.  :D


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