'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

sloggin' along

Why is it, d'ya s'pose, that I have little to no interest in baseball this year? I suppose it may kick in later, with rooting against the Yankees in the Series or something, but so far, eh. I couldn't even name who's in the playoffs. You'd think this year I'd be getting into it. I'm starting to feel like I'm in a fog again.

Can't seem to get after the basic domestic tasks this week---laundry, dishes. I've been having spurts at doing well at that, too. I did cook for myself a little, but in general it's not been the best week. Feeling kinda isolated in the world, somehow.

And where are all you lj people? Not as many posts from the "friends" who are friends---a high percentage feeds of cartoons and news-y/political stuff. Is there some kinda bloggy sloggy downturn going on? (Exceptions noted---and appreciated.)

Not dealing with the stove yet. Maybe tomorrow. Oh, but now driving workmate's wife's sister to the airport tomorrow night. Workmate still in ICU, after some complications.

Watched some "Freaks And Geeks" on DVD tonight. Good show, but depressing to look at somehow, just now. H. loved the show, yeah, but I don't think that's it. Maybe it doesn't hold up to repeat viewing? Even that delightfully geeky, lippy smile/grin of morose-faced Bill, the kid with glasses---it's barely moving my heart. I've got a Marx Bros movie in the wings, but tonight I'm nowhere near manic (or even present) enough for it to have the effect the Bros had on Woody's character in Hannah. Dammit.

Wonder how much of this is the down side of caffeine abuse cycling.

Did have a postcard from dear ones. Maybe a trip soon.

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