'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

1st day working from home

Well, here I am, in the house.  I saw out the window that the mail's come, so I'll go get it and bring in (i.e., haul back to their spot) the trash cans.  Gotta do a little more work today too.

Realizing I can listen to music while editing, I thought to get a new password for my free Pandora account.  Turns out my 2 personal channels from back in the day are Classic Soul and Ella.  I'll come up with something else if I keep at it with the music in the background.

At this point the editing & research functionalities are decidedly suboptimal, and it's been slow going getting set up, but I've still managed (shout-out of the heart) to make numerous little stitches in the fabric of the Universe this afternoon.  Lotsa logistics still to work out, as the situation develops.

This whole virus things sucks, but think how much harder it'd be without the internet.  Like, lots.  Right?

Despite having plenty of food in the house, I keep feeling tempted to order delivery from one of many places reminding me today that they're out there and delivering.  I got takeout from the poke place yesterday.  It feels like taking time away from work to make and eat food.  Managing my time is definitely different.  I've counted on my work routine to stay hydrated, too.  Old routine-hating Lisa is now becoming an appreciater of routine.

Apart from a bra, and with (socks inside) clogs instead of shoes, I have gotten dressed as if going to work.  I'm not tickled with my work area, and the cats have both pestered me for lovin'.  But I can make it work.

Facebook, sadly, hasn't been a boon, as I've dipped back into it lately.  I'd forgotten how much superiority abounds there.  You know, how common the attitude of superiority, the tsk-tsking.  Then there are ironic social distancing posts, in crowds of people, defiant.  And I don't even know.  It just doesn't feel like being in touch with people so much as monitoring what people want to put out their about themselves.  Possibly this is my own flaw (cynicism), but I'm rather stuck with it now, in that sense of a thought-once-thought not being able to be unthought.  Maybe if I spent some time trying to filter fb things--- but I don't want to get that involved.  I got off facebook originally for other reasons, but I'm glad not to be continuing to feed that machine.  It's just where a lot of people I know, or knew, are.  Online-wise.

As someone pointed out to me, people aren't necessarily responding to this situation in what you might call their usual ways of being.  That could be kinda interesting to see, if I were seeing more people I knew the usual ways of.  Just glimpses.

Time for the big outing to the mailbox.  Then something to eat.  Ahoy to you!


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