'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Postcard of the Day

Important Announcement from Postcard of the Day regarding
     the COVID-19 Pandemic and Further Postcards of the Day:

We here at Postcard of the Day want to assure all our viewers out there that we are sorta monitoring the latest counsel from the WHO, the CDC and the Online Magic Ask-the-8-Ball (animated version), and will continue to consider everyone's best interests and the implications of even occasional spewed particles of moisture in making ongoing decisions concerning under what conditions to continue posting Postcards of the Day, and whether to alter the editorial choices there-regarding to reflect increasingly widespread anxiety, as might vaguely relate to such disturbing images as the one here:

Meanwhile, while you see us continuing to (speak about ourselves in the plural and) post shuffleboard-related postcard images AS IF NOTHING IS WRONG, rest assured that we understand EVERYTHING IS NOT OKAY, even if we ourselves have plenty of toilet paper and cat litter and somehow 3 bags of frozen waffle fries, which apparently are a comfort food to us, cuz we went ahead and got another bag when we couldn't remember at the store yesterday that we'd already recently bought a 2nd bag when they were on sale and we couldn't remember that there was a first bag already in the freezer, along with half a bag that we went ahead and had for dinner last night, what with the grand total of the quantity of frozen waffle fries in the house having rather gotten out of hand, yet being nothing to be horribly embarrassed by, as we suggest here by speaking openly about it, cuz opening up is the Kryptonite™ of shame, and shame remains our primary nemesis, despite a number of other identifiable candidates continuing to present themselves, sometimes in some weirdly removed third-hand ways, and sometimes in uncertain ones, as is the case with the COVID-19 virus, out there threatening a lot and yet to have its full consequences even somewhat comprehended, but at least you can be sure that we at Postcard of the Day are on the job looking out for everyone insofar as the images of postcards we post impact all of our lives.  Please monitor this site regularly for further updates, and good luck to everyone, even people outside the U.S. of A.(!), cuz that's how broadly we're super-responsible, heedful, attentive, and sympathetic to all y'all dozen or so folks out there looking at Postcard of the Day.

This one's at Jones Beach, Long Island.


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