'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

I've gone and waited too late in the day to type out some reflective and/or narrative stuff like I like to do with the bow ties, so's to do it not too infrequently, here amongst the p-cards.  So perhaps this week I'll find another day to spiel out some text.

It is a little embarrassing to see that I've been wearing my new-ish gray canvas shirt on most Tuesdays lately.  Not that there's anything particularly embarrassing about it.  Just it was a surprise coincidence that seems like a pattern and involves my unconscious behavior, so that's gonna be a blip for me, at least, when it happens.

We're interviewing at work again starting tomorrow.  Unless we get a snow day.  We haven't had one yet this winter.  I want the new guy to get one, as a welcome-to-Michigan thing.  And we did just have paczki day, so we're fueled up to hibernate a bit.
Tags: btt

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