'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

waiting on the gas co dudes

Such a rumbling! The house is shaking. Outside representatives of the gas company are boring and drilling and cutting and all kindsa, in order that my gas meter shall henceforth be located on the exterior of the house. It's a little nutty, if you ask me, to go and do all this business to existing houses; I sorta wish they'd just grandmother us in, like the P.O. does with people who've been living with mailboxes right at their doors (at least 'til the place changes hands).

I suppose it has to do with efforts to monitor the meters more easily. Wonder if the new one will have some sort of radio equipment, so's not to need an actual person to read it.

We're about to get those emptiable-by-machine huge trash cans here in A2, too. Big honkin' things. Pain in the butt to haul down the drive, esp. when you're living alone and just don't have that much trash in a week. You know they're going to save some serious money on people, since they're buying a big (petroleum product) eyesore for every residence in town.

Anyway, today, at least, it means I'm going in late to work. Don't know how late. Good thing I'm sorta caught up on things.

Wonder if TGP put me on the board in the "Ref" Room.

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