'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I'm at the library.

It feels kinda oddly public and exposed to be doing this here---which is sorta weird, considering it doesn't feel that way to do it from my computer at work, by which more people walk than are walking past this one. But I suppose MR is home away from home, at least.

I thought In a Lonely Place was two days overdue---I swear I feel like I need to keep such lapses from the librarian friends, you know?---but it was due today. So I'm in the clear on that. A review of it follows soon.

Life today:

Breakfast and lots of coffee with J. Heard from S., who had a rough night, or a rough recovery from it, anyway. Then Round Two with the deck, which I lost, though not by knock-out; nonetheless I'm pretty much ready to Admit I Need Help (time to look into renting a power washer). Happy cookie news and pick-up visit with donators of free produce; trip to Food and Drug Mart for supplemental produce; trip to library, which closes in 5 minutes.

Stop by Kroger's then home to clean the kitchen, cook myself some dinner at leisure, and go visit neighbor cats again.

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