'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Hey, I'm posting again.

I saw a mouse.  Then I noticed that Manny had apparently already seen the mouse, but was currently staring at the wrong place.  Dizz was oblivv.  I moved some stuff to make it harder for the mouse to hide against one wall.  A little later I saw the mouse again.

Just a few minutes ago, Dizzy---who'd started staring where Manny was staring, as if there must be something there---saw the mouse.  He was SO excited.  I'm excited for him.  My mousers are gonna get me that mouse.  And I hope they do, and then they kill it quickly and leave its body not too chewed up & sitting somewhere I can see it and dispose of it easily.  I don't want a dead mouse hidden somewhere.  We had one of those in the warehouse at Varney's and we found it after the smell got worse and worse.  The carcass was behind a cabinet.  Guhhh-rosss!
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