'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I downloaded a Moon app.

It tells me things about the Moon.  It's in Cancer now, for instance.  But that maybe makes it sound not so scientific.  It's got lotsa scientifickery in it.

My latest cough ailment hacks on.  Tomorrow's the Saturday rehearsal for chorus.  I think I got the bits for the politicians worked out okay.  We'll see if they're willing to play along.

Been ramping up the Bernie work.  Gotta try to set that aside tonight and work on songs.  Unless I up and go see The Princess Bride, which I've still never seen all of.  It's a 9:30 showing, and I'm old, and it's winter.  But still, it might be nice to see it in a theater.

First, though, a mobile notary will be appearing to get me to sign my refi papers.  It's a seriously strong motivation to want to live longer, my desire to knock that debt curve right down to nuthin', finally.  And live life that way a while. It's still pretty hard to believe it could be about to happen.

I haven't gotten one piece-of-cake galley all day.  But the very next one up in my pile is short and looks easy.

Did get my guitar and amp set up, btw.  Dizzy Dud Bud has tried to change the amp settings, via chewing on the knobs.  Unless there's light on it, the face of the guitar almost looks black, but in bright light it sure is pretty:


 Sounds great, too.  And I still don't know what I'm doing with it at all.  :)

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