'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Oh, I forgot, I was gonna do that old LJ thing, with the first sentence of the first post for ...

... each month last year.  Here they are, as one paragraph:

Saw The Favourite. Tonight was the lucky 3rd try: we actually had our first sewing class. Like, it's a problem, the logic, and it's a logic problem.  Today I'm a bit absent-minded.  Still home. Who put the dogs on?  The a/c isn't working right in my room at the office, so I've got my hair up to try to minimize the neck sweating, on accounta how (1) since I don't have a collar under the tie I'm sweating right into the (in this case) silk, and (2) who wants to be all neck-sweaty at the office? It's sort of amazing, but here just a week after I said goodbye to Mo, I have a new friend who needs a name. The cats and I are hunkered down in the cat room while I wait and hope Chirper (today's nickname) will pee and I will get the latest info on his abilities in that regard. Here it is, October. It's Tuesday! I've realized that I don't have enough days left in the fiscal leave year to take enough leave to come close enough to the leave max to use up enough time to not get stuck losing the value of some time down the road when they make a policy change.

And now here's the LJ year round-up thing they make:


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